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If anyone has the mailings sent between January and May 1996, then please contact me at cyberjester@poboxes.com

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SubjectSizeDate sent
Engineer at the Guillotine 2K15 Mar 1996
Rules of thumb 4K18 Mar 1996
If a tree falls, and there's no one to .... 2K19 Mar 1996
Experimental Laws 2K20 Mar 1996
Elvis 3K21 Mar 1996
The English Language 3K22 Mar 1996
Bizarre Suicide 5K25 Mar 1996
Test Answers 3K26 Mar 1996
World's Heaviest Element 2K27 Mar 1996
Around the Corner 2K28 Mar 1996
How to write good english 2K29 Mar 1996
Old hat... 4K9 Apr 1996
An Irish Mother's Letter 3K10 Apr 1996
Halley's Comet 2K11 Apr 1996
Happy New Year! 1K12 Apr 1996
Odd primes... 3K12 Apr 1996
Tickets, please... 2K15 Apr 1996
How not to rob a bank 3K16 Apr 1996
Family connections 2K16 Apr 1996
Irritation, aggravation and frustration 1K17 Apr 1996
Jesus Golfing 2K19 Apr 1996
Cats and saucers 2K22 Apr 1996
Ship ahoy! 1K23 Apr 1996
Nerdity Test 13K24 Apr 1996
Drunk 2K25 Apr 1996
Urban legends 3K26 Apr 1996
18 Bottles of whiskey. 2K29 Apr 1996
Future Megacorporations 5K30 Apr 1996
Parachute 2K2 May 1996
No Subject 2K3 May 1996
What's going on? 8K6 May 1996
A Skier's Dictionary 5K7 May 1996
IMPORTANT! 2K8 May 1996
Computer Acronyms 6K9 May 1996
Why's that? 2K10 May 1996
I'm Tired 2K13 May 1996
The Duel 1K14 May 1996
Earliest Profession 1K15 May 1996
Southern Talk 4K16 May 1996
Better write that down 2K17 May 1996
Things to make you think... 2K19 May 1996
Navajo Wisdom 2K21 May 1996
The Roman Galleon 1K22 May 1996
The accident 3K23 May 1996
Tough English 5K24 May 1996
Medical terms 2K27 May 1996
Excuses 3K28 May 1996
Car Accident 1K29 May 1996
How to attend a meeting 7K3 Jun 1996
The Priest, Rabbi and Lawyer 1K3 Jun 1996
Jew in the Attic 1K4 Jun 1996
Online 2K5 Jun 1996
AT&T + Microsoft 1K6 Jun 1996
80's Trivia 7K7 Jun 1996
The Best Salesman 2K9 Jun 1996
The Postman 1K10 Jun 1996
Permit to be ill 4K11 Jun 1996
No Subject 1K11 Jun 1996
Answers for 80's Trivia 11K12 Jun 1996
Family Debts 2K13 Jun 1996
George and the Dragon 1K14 Jun 1996
Doctor 2K16 Jun 1996
The DOS 10 Commandments 3K17 Jun 1996
The Mac 5 Commandments 2K18 Jun 1996
Tricky Professor + Updated Trivia Answers 22K20 Jun 1996
A REAL programmer! 9K24 Jun 1996
The Engineer, Mathematician and Physicist 2K24 Jun 1996
Royal College (Sri Lanka) Web Page 1K25 Jun 1996
What kids know 5K25 Jun 1996
The Engineer and the Programmer 2K26 Jun 1996
Lexicon of Inconspicuously Ambiguous Recommendations 4K27 Jun 1996
Some things to know... 2K28 Jun 1996
Function of the Executive 2K1 Jul 1996
Scottishman, Englishman, Irishman 3K2 Jul 1996
Fast Cars 3K3 Jul 1996
Real Users vs. Real Programmers 2K4 Jul 1996
How Software Companies Die 5K4 Jul 1996
Insurance Bloopers 3K9 Jul 1996
Dr. Seuss goes Technical! 2K9 Jul 1996
News 1K11 Jul 1996
Lawyers 1K11 Jul 1996
Recommendation Letter 2K15 Jul 1996
Little known facts 2K16 Jul 1996
John 2K17 Jul 1996
If Operating Systems Ran Airlines... 2K17 Jul 1996
3 types of watchers 2K18 Jul 1996
The king and the toaster....... 5K19 Jul 1996
The WHAT? 2K19 Jul 1996
Help Desk 1K20 Jul 1996
The Artist 2K22 Jul 1996
UNIX Problems 3K23 Jul 1996
A few observations on Life... 4K23 Jul 1996
Announcement 2K25 Jul 1996
Quick conclusion 5K8 Aug 1996
Yesterday's mailing, and list policies. 4K9 Aug 1996
If the Beatles were Programmers 2K9 Aug 1996
Software Life Cycle 2K10 Aug 1996
Aliens! 2K13 Aug 1996
A Real Fuzz Buster 2K15 Aug 1996
Two dead boys fighting... 2K15 Aug 1996
The Raving 3K15 Aug 1996
English is TOUGH stuff! 5K16 Aug 1996
Engineers 1, Harvard 0 1K20 Aug 1996
A Day in the Life of a Dog 5K21 Aug 1996
MIT Letters 4K23 Aug 1996
Smile! 4K26 Aug 1996
No Subject 2K27 Aug 1996
Satan & St. Peter 3K28 Aug 1996
Pop Quiz! 2K29 Aug 1996
Sun Microsystems Sues Island of Java (fwd) 2K31 Aug 1996
Survey 3K2 Sep 1996
Computer Questions. 27K3 Sep 1996
A joke, and something else... 3K3 Sep 1996
The Fire 1K4 Sep 1996
Computer Questions 15K4 Sep 1996
Predictions 2K5 Sep 1996
Parking 2K5 Sep 1996
Tongue Twisters 2K6 Sep 1996
Smart Home 1.02 6K10 Sep 1996
Murphy's Law... 7K10 Sep 1996
Up, up, and away! 2K12 Sep 1996
What do you suggest? 2K13 Sep 1996
The Doctor 2K16 Sep 1996
Soap! 8K20 Sep 1996
The Software Olympics 7K20 Sep 1996
Fast Fun 2K20 Sep 1996
The survey results, and Interesting Trivia. 14K23 Sep 1996
Computer term daffynitions 4K24 Sep 1996
What's the time? 2K24 Sep 1996
How far to... 1K25 Sep 1996
The Wonder of Friends 3K26 Sep 1996
Hamburgers, anyone? 4K27 Sep 1996
Algebraic Sociology 3K30 Sep 1996
A hard hitting modem... 4K6 Oct 1996
Scientist's Ball 2K7 Oct 1996
Better late than .... 2K9 Oct 1996
The Ultimate Exam Paper 5K11 Oct 1996
Just a thought! 4K11 Oct 1996
And never the Twain shall meet! 2K14 Oct 1996
Made in Japan 2K15 Oct 1996
The Exam 4K16 Oct 1996
Win'95 bashing! 3K16 Oct 1996
The Farmer and his Watermelons 2K17 Oct 1996
Shall we? - We shall! 1K18 Oct 1996
The limousine and the mini 3K21 Oct 1996
Classified Ads 3K22 Oct 1996
Cat bath 7K23 Oct 1996
Computer Engineer 3K23 Oct 1996
Captain Kirk meets the Road Runner 10K24 Oct 1996
Resume Blunders 3K25 Oct 1996
The Ancient Temple 2K28 Oct 1996
Las Vegas, and an explanation 3K29 Oct 1996
Figures! 1K30 Oct 1996
'Twas the night before... 2K30 Oct 1996
A letter home 2K31 Oct 1996
Oracle's Nightmare Halloween Bash 19K31 Oct 1996
Words not yet in the dictionary 3K6 Nov 1996
Computer Terms 2K6 Nov 1996
Bad News! 2K7 Nov 1996
Back in business! 3K11 Nov 1996
Computer Terms 0K12 Nov 1996
Van Gogh's relatives 3K12 Nov 1996
Stupid Laws 3K13 Nov 1996
Stupid Laws (Complete!) 5K14 Nov 1996
Math 2K15 Nov 1996
Grading System 2K18 Nov 1996
List Information 4K19 Nov 1996
Australian Grasshopers 3K20 Nov 1996
Computer Terms 7K21 Nov 1996
Lost Tooth Redemption 3K21 Nov 1996
Perplexing Proverbs 9K22 Nov 1996
Mothers and understanding Computers 4K25 Nov 1996
Not-So Common C Declarations 1K26 Nov 1996
Joke + Perplexing Proverbs + Perplexing Poem 7K26 Nov 1996
Any faster? 3K27 Nov 1996
Headline Faux Pas 2K28 Nov 1996
FBI 3K29 Nov 1996
Can I help, sir? 2K2 Dec 1996
Seeing is believing! 3K3 Dec 1996
A poem with a message 4K4 Dec 1996
The Breathalyzer 2K5 Dec 1996
Who? 2K6 Dec 1996
Merry Christmas! (Truth is stranger than fiction) 4K9 Dec 1996
Creators Admit UNIX, C Hoax 6K9 Dec 1996
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Computer Style) 4K10 Dec 1996
Politically Correct Santa 3K10 Dec 1996
Politically Correct Santa (Full Version) 5K11 Dec 1996
Name That Tune! 3K12 Dec 1996
How to Loose Weight Without Exercise 3K13 Dec 1996
The Twelve Bugs of Christmas 4K16 Dec 1996
Math Knowledge 2K16 Dec 1996
Court X-Mas 3K17 Dec 1996
Doc-isms 3K18 Dec 1996
Christmas Downsizing 5K19 Dec 1996
A Christmas Message 7K20 Dec 1996
Notice 1K6 Jan 1997
A Hunting We Will Go... 2K7 Jan 1997
Stations 1K9 Jan 1997
Psychiatric Hotline 1K10 Jan 1997
The Twins 3K13 Jan 1997
Murphy's Law 7K14 Jan 1997
Why Chemists Don't Write Recipe Books 4K15 Jan 1997
Nice Weather We're Having 4K17 Jan 1997
The Sahara Forest 2K11 Apr 1997
Environmental Implications of the Creation of Earth 2K12 Apr 1997
Electronic Engineer's Girlfriend 8K14 Apr 1997
Form for Computer Complaints 5K15 Apr 1997
Pop Quiz 6K16 Apr 1997
Back in business! 6K22 Jul 1997
College Essay 7K23 Jul 1997
Breaking Windows 4K24 Jul 1997
Medicine History 4K25 Jul 1997

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