The Sahara Forest

This is a story about Josh Pelletier, a logger who applied for a job as a
feller (tree cutter) in Clayoquat Sound in BC, Canada. He was a slight, wee
fellow and when he approached the foreman for a job, the foreman looked at
him up and down and told him to scram and to come back when he had some
muscles on his bones. Josh asked the foreman to give him a chance to show
his stuff, so the foreman pointed to a 3" sappling and told him to try and
chop it down. SWOOSH! One swing of the axe and down the sapling went.
Impressed, the foreman told him to have a go at that 7" birch tree over on
the hill. SWOOSH! One swing of the axe and down went the birch tree. "I
can't believe it!" said the foreman. "Take down that 9 foot fir tree," said
the foreman. Josh just spit on his hands, gripped the axe and in 4 swipes
yelled timber as the mighty fir fell. The foreman gasped and asked Josh,
"Where did you learn to cut down trees? Where did you work before?" And
Josh replied, "I spent 17 years working on the Sahara forest." "You mean
the Sahara desert, don't you?" Queried the foreman. And Josh replied,
"Ya-a-a-a-h, now!"

Thanks to Joe Meyer for this contribution.

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