The Breathalyzer

As related by New York Times writer Lawrence 
Van Gelder in his "On the Job" column:
A police officer was assigned to stake out the parking lot of a rowdy bar
and watch for possible violations of drunk-driving laws. Watching from his
car, the cop saw a patron stumble out of the bar, trip on the curb, then try
to open the doors of a dozen cars before finding his own car and collapsing
in the front seat, where he remained immobile. And where he continued to
remain immobile as the evening progressed and others left the bar, started
up their cars, and drove away.
Finally, with the parking lot all but empty, the patron pulled himself to an
upright position, started the car, and attempted to pull out of the lot.
Immediately the cop pounced, pulled the motorist from the car, and
administered an on-the-spot Breathalyzer test. The result: 0.0% blood
alcohol content. How could that be, the cop asked asked the motorist.
"Simple," the driver said.
"Tonight I'm the designated decoy."

Thanks to Troy C. Bowden for this contribution.

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