Any faster?

A village farmer stood beside a country road trying to hitch a ride with
passing cars.  A cow stood next to him.  Finally, a man in a car stops to
give the farmer a ride. 

The farmer says, "Thanks for stopping.  I need to go to town." The driver
asks, "Okay, but what about the cow?" "O, no problem," replies the farmer,
"the cow can follow us."

So the farmer gets in and they begin to go slowly down the road, the cow
following, plop-plop-plop-plop behind.

The farmer gives the driver a puzzled look and asks, "Why are you going so
slow?  I have an appointment in town.  Can't you go a bit faster?"

"Of course," answers the driver, "but what about the cow?" "Don't worry
about the cow," answers the farmer. "He'll follow us."

So the driver steps on the gas and they go down the road about 45 miles per
hour.  Behind them the cow goes ploppity-plop, ploppity-plop, ploppity-plop...

After a moment or two, the farmer again turns to the driver with a puzzled
look: "Mister, is this the fastest your car can go?

"No," answers the driver, "but I'm worried that the cow might get tired." "I
told you," replied the farmer, "don't worry about the cow.  I'm in a hurry
to get to town.  Please step on the gas!"

So the driver steps hard on the gas pedal and the car now is roaring down
the road at 65 miles per hour.  Behind them the cow runs ploppity, ploppity,
ploppity, ploppity...

Again, the farmer asks, "Is this the fastest your car can go?" The driver
again answers, "No, but I'm worried about the cow.  He looks very tired like
maybe he's going to fall over."

The farmer answers firmly, "Watch out, mister.  When my cow leans to the
side like that with his tongue hanging out to the left, it means that he's
going to pass you!"

Thanks to Chris Cholas, who initially received it from Alberto Cardena, for
sharing this.  

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