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Hello Everyone!

Well, our  little Humour List has been growing, and growing, and growing,
and  isn't little  anymore!   It passed  the 5000  mark a  few days  ago.
It's mostly due to  the  help of  Steve Willoughby of  the Oracle Service
Humour  Archives, Rustin Kreider of E-Funnies,  and Shawn Thayer of "Best
of: Humour", all of them people who run their own humour lists.

Because of so many new people being on the list, I think I better mention
a few things...

 * When forwarding  mail from my list,  please leave the signature on. If
   you do take it off, please mention  that it was  from my list.  Please
   DON'T take off the 'Contributed by: xxxx xxxx' portion.

 * Do  send me  any articles  which you think are funny.  If I think it's
   suitable  material,  then you'll see it on the list.   But PLEASE make 
   sure that there are no copyright infringements.

 * When  you  forward my  mail to someone else,  please use the "Forward"
   option  on  your mailer.   If  you  "Re-direct"/"Re-send"/"Bounce" the
   mail, any  error messages  will be  sent to me.  :(   I'm having quite
   enough error  messages  as  it stands,  so please  don't be the reason
   for more.

 * Lately  I've been  receiving  quite a lot of e-mail  containing chain-
   letters,  asking  me to forward it  to the rest of the list.  They all 
   claim that  bad luck  will come  if you  don't comply,  but I've  been
   receiving these for the past year, none of which I sent out again, but
   I haven't  noticed an  increase in bad luck! :)  I shall continue this
   practice of NOT forwarding any chain mail, so  don't bother sending it
   to me.

 * None  of the humour is intended  to offend anyone.   It's all meant in

Finally,  I'll answer  a question which  quite a  lot of people have been
asking.  Yes,  I AM from Sri Lanka.  I'm a 19 year student,  just started
on the second year of a B.Sc. Degree in Information Systems.  

The  Humour List is done in my spare time.  I don't get anything from it, 
except the  knowledge  that I'm making people laugh.  (I hope! :)  I hope
to  continue as I have,  with the  general content of the jokes being the
same.   If you have any ideas/suggestions/comments  to make, then send me
mail and let me know.

Well, till tomorrow,

Roshan N. Sembacuttiaratchy
#1 First Lane, Kirillapone
Colombo - 5, SRI LANKA
Tel: ++94-1-824282 / 856155
Fax: ++94-1-824282
Why is the word "abbreviate" so long?

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This message was sent on 19 Nov 1996