Bad News!

Hello Everyone,

I have bad news, and I have bad news.  The bad news is that there was a
problem with the list software, and the addresses of quite a lot of people
on the list have been lost!  Of an estimated 4000+ addresses, there are only
2000 or so left. :(  I would therefore appreciate if you could mention this
to all your friends, and ask them to re-subscribe (send a message to with the word roshan in the subject).  

The other news is that I am also involved in helping out with a computer
literacy course, and am hard pressed for time.  This means the regular
mailings might not commence till next Monday, when I resume my normal
classes after a three month break. 

So, till next week, here's bye from me! 

                        Roshan N. Sembacuttiaratchy

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This message was sent on 7 Nov 1996