The limousine and the mini

I got a few e-mails regarding the last e-mail I sent (Shall we? - We shall!)
I'd just like to mention that it was a contribution from a 9 year old
cousin. - Roshan

A limousine had encountered a red traffic light and was waiting for it to
change when a small mini also drives up.  The haughty businessman in the
back of the limousine started bragging to the mini owner that his was the
best car that money could buy... 

"This is the best limo that money can buy.  It has ABS, airbags for all
passengers, automatic climate control, onboard computer control system,
photochromatic glass, mini bar, a television with satellite dish embedded in
the roof, blah blah blah...."

At this point the mini owner interrupted.

"But do you have a video in there?"

The light changed at this point, and the limo driver pulled off.  The
businessman in back felt a bit down that he didn't have this simple item,
and that very day had one installed in the limo.  

A few days passed by, and again the limo was at a traffic light when the
businessman spotted the mini again.  It was pulled over to a side, with the
glasses all steamed up, and steam coming from a half open window.  Upon
seeing this, the businessman got out of his car and knocked on the window of
the mini.  After a few moments, the mini owner poked his head out (which was
dripping with water, by the way!).  

"I installed a VCR in my limo", said the businessman proudly.

The mini-man responded:

"You got me out of the shower for THAT?"

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