Made in Japan

Outside of the Manila Hotel, a Japanese tourist gets in a cab and tells the
driver to drive him to the airport.

On their way, a car zoomed by and the Japanese goes "Aaah Toyota, made in
Japan...very faaast!".

And then another car zooms by and the Japanese goes "Aaah Nissan, made in
Japan...very faaast!"

And then another, "Aaah Mitsubishi, made in Japan...very faaast!"

By this time the Pinoy cabbie's getting tired of his passenger's
nationalistic pride. Upon arriving at the airport the cabbie tells
his passenger "400 pesos please."

The Japanese goes "400 pesos? It's not that far from the hotel!" The
cabbie's reply: "Aaah, taxi meter, made in Japan....very faaast!"

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