Better late than ....

There once was a flight heading from London to New York.  Halfway during the
flight, the captain suddenly comes over the intercom system...

"This is your Captain speaking.  I have a bit of bad news for you.  We have
lost our first left engine, but never fear, we can still make it using only
three engines.  But because of the loss of power, we will be two hours late."

Time goes on, and once again the PA system crackles to life...

"This is your Captain.  We have lost an engine on our starboard wing.  But
rest assured that our plane can fly using only two engines.  Due to the
reduced power, we will now be four hours late."

The flight goes on, when the passengers hear the now familiar sound of the
address system...

"Guess what, folks!  We lost another engine, but nothing to fear.  We can
still make it using only one engine.  But now we will be six hours late.  "

On hearing this, an elderly lady turned to the person sitting next to her,
and said:

"I hope we don't lose ANOTHER engine.  I'll be late for my connecting flight
from New York!"

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