The Wonder of Friends

                         The Wonder of Friends

Friends aren't blind to your faults -- but they can see beyond them.

A letter from a friend can make your day.

A friend will laugh at your jokes no matter how many times you repeat them.

A friend remembers the way you were, but won't insist you stay that way.

A friend never asks, "What did you do to your hair?"

A friend won't hang up on your answering machine, or when you put them on hold.

A friend won't tell you how to drive, no matter how white your knuckles get.

Friends love to give you surprise parties -- even when you know what they're
up to.

A friend is the only person who can make you laugh after a broken romance.

Eating out with a friend takes at least three hours.

Friends can be more patient with your kids than you can.

Friends know there is no such thing as constructive criticism.

Friends aren't interested in you're excuses -- they're interested in you.

There is no bigger grin than that of a friend with good news.

When you ask a friend where they want to go to dinner... they'll choose your
favorite restaurant.

A friend knows where your panic button is, but never pushes it.

Friends can tell the truth without hurting you.

Friends take very good care of your hopes and dreams.

A friend remembers your pet peeves...
  your favorite colors...
  the songs you like...
  and ignores the times you forgot to remember his/hers.

A vacation with a friend is not only more fun, but also less money.

Friends can turn arguments into laughter.

When you have doubts about yourself, call your friends, because they'll have
confidence in you.

Nothing hurts as much as hurting your friend...
  nothing heals as much as being forgiven by your friend.

When a friend moves away, part of your history goes with them.

Seeing an old friend makes you feel whole.

With old friends you can remember your youth without trying to
  recapture it.

Friends are the best part of ourselves.

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