Fast Fun

There was a young fellow who was quite inventive and was always trying out
new things. One day he thought he'd see just how fast a bicycle could go
before it became uncontrollable. He asked his friend, who owned an old
Mustang, if he could tie his bike to the bumper of his car to test his theory.

His friend said, "Sure." 

So the young man tied his bike to the back of the car and said to his friend: 

"I'll ring my bike bell once if I want you to go faster, twice if I want you
maintain speed, and repeatedly if I want you to slow down." 

With that, off they went. Things were going pretty well, with the car driver
slowly speeding up to well over 60 mph. The young fellow on the bike was
handling the speed just fine. But, all of sudden, a black Corvette came up
beside them and before you knew it the fellow driving the Mustang forgot all
about the fellow on the bike and took to drag racing the Corvette. 

A little further down the road sat Officer John in his police cruiser, radar
gun at the ready. He heard the two cars before his radar flashed 105 mph. 

He called into headquarters on his radio: "Hey, you guys aren't going to
believe this, but there's a Corvette and a Mustang racing out here on
Highway 3, and there's a guy on a bike ringing his bell and waving his arms
trying to pass them!" 

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