What do you suggest?

Three fellows went into a local restaurant.

"I'd like a tuna sandwich on white brea," said the first fellow.

"Why do you want a tuna sandwitch?" asked the waiter.  "You must have heard
about the mercury problem in tuna.  Take a corned beef sandwich.  It's more
tasty.  And besides, why do you want white bread?  Take rye bread.  It's got
more vitamins."

"All right," said the fellow. "Corned beef sandwich on rye bread."

"I'd like some Danish pastry toasted, " said the second fellow

"Why do you want Danish pastry toasted?" asked the waiter.  "It just came
from the oven.  Hot pastry isn't good for you."

"All right," said the second fellow.  "Danish pastry plain with a cup of

"What do you want to take coffee for?  It will only keep you awake.  Take milk."

"All right," he said.  "I'll take Danish pastry plain and a glass of milk."

With that the third fellow asked, "What would you suggest for me?"

"Suggest?" said the waiter.  "Who's got time for suggestions?"

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