Hello there, one and all.

As you all know, our little e-mail humor list has been growing, and growing,
and growing!  It currently stands at a little over 1300 subscribers.  Now I
need a bit of help from you.  I'd like to know a bit about you, how you like
the humor you receive, and any suggestions you may have.  So I would very
much appreciate it if you could answer the following questions.  None of the
information sent will be disclosed to anyone, but I WILL let everyone know
the results of the survey.  

It would make it MUCH easier for me if you could stick to the following
rules when replying to the survey:

 *  The subject should contain the word "Survey"
 *  Do NOT include the question itself when replying.
 *  When answering, start each answer on a new line with #, followed by 
    the question number, and the answer.
    For instance, for the first two questions, the answers should look 
    something like
        #1 John Doe
        #2 M
 *  Please send in your replies before 10th September 1996. 

 1. Full name:

 2. Sex [M/F]:

 3. Age (years):

 4. Country:

 5. Are you married? [Y/N]:

 6. Are you a student? [Y/N]:

 7. If Y, at what institution?
    If N, occupation?

 8. Do you receive my mail at your (Select the most applicable letter)
        a. Home?
        b. School?
        c. University/College?
        d. Workplace?
        e. Other? (Please specify)

 9. What is the meaning of life? (Just checking whether you're still there!)

10. Has there been anything on the list which you have found
    offensive? [Y/N] (If Y, please specify)

11. Do you forward my mail to anyone else? [Y/N]:

12. If Y, to how many people (approx)?

13. On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate the humor on this list?
    (1=Bad, 5=Superb!)

14. I'm open for comments/criticism.  Vent whatever you want to vent! :)

15. Tell me a bit about yourself.  Anything unique, weird, special?  
    (ie. you have three eyes, can juggle printers, ... :)

16. If I ran for President, would you vote for me :)? [Y/N]:

Ok.  That's it.  Thanks for your time.

This service is completely free, but if you feel obligated, you can send
any donations, computer hardware/software, blank cheques, deeds, marriage
proposals, nuclear warheads, Cartier wristwatches, gift-wrapped tuna fish, 
death threats, love letters etc. to: 

        Roshan N. Sembacuttiaratchy
        #1 First Lane, Kirillapone
        Colombo - 5, SRI LANKA

My thanks go to Uditha Weliwita for helping me put together this survey.
Here's a big 'Thank You'!

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This message was sent on 2 Sep 1996