Two dead boys fighting...

Early one morning,
Late last night,
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back, they faced each other,
Drew their swords & shot each other.
They fell to the ground,
>From the holes they were in,
One from without,
One from within.
Up the hill their bodies did roll,
Like a golfball on it's way to a goal.
They rolled and they flipped,
They rolled and they flopped,
Until finally their bodies hit bottom & dropped.
They sprang from the holes,
They'd never been in,
And started to duel all over again.
A cop who was there,
Just stood on the side,
And watched with such glee,
As he painfully cried.
He saw the boys rise,
He saw the boys fall,
He saw how short they were,
At 7 feet tall.
Then he started to think,
In a blinding slow flash,
I'll tell the whole world what I saw,
And they'll all pay me cash,
To hear of my story,
Of this I'm quite sure,
And when the money's all in,
My blindness I'll cure.

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