It appears that some aliens visited Earth bringing with them the doctrine
of peace.  They stopped all wars on Earth, eradicated all diseases, and in
general made the human race stronger, fitter and better. They invited a
group of people to visit their planet - which according to all accounts was
a veritable Eden.  The fact that the people did not return was cited as
proof of that.  One scientist wanting to find out more about the aliens,
managed to get a book written by them.  After much difficulty, and with
great effort he managed to translate the title: "To Serve Man".  He was so
impressed by the altruistic nature of the alien race that he
enthusiastically volunteered for the next trip out.  Unfortunatelly for him,
he was already on board of the spaceship while translating a few more
sentences from the book: it was a cookery book...

Thanks to Francoise Maung for this contribution.

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