The Artist

Once upon a time, an artist holds an exhibition/sale and puts up all of his
work for sale.  He is highly enthusiastic about it, hoping that the turnout
at the exhibition will make it successful enough for him to hold another one
soon.  The artist is present at the exhibition, so that any people wanting
autographs won't be dissapointed.  Unfortunately, though, not many people
turn up, and the paintings are left unsold.  

It is getting towards the end of the day, and the artist has had enough of
sitting around, so he leaves someone else to watch the paintings while he
goes out to have a bite for dinner.  Upon his return, he sees that all the
paintings have disappeared.  He quickly rushes to find the person he left in
charge, to find out what happened during his short absence.  Upon finding
him, the following conversation ensues:

Artist:  What happened here?  
Man:     Well, there's good news, and then there's bad news.  Which do you 
         want to hear first?
Artist:  Give me the good news first...
Man:     OK.  A man walked in just as you left, and said that the paintings
         were terrific.  He inquired whether the paintings would increase
         in value upon the artist's death, and when I said "Yes", he bought 
         them all!
Artist:  That's great news.  But what's the bad news?
Man:     The guy was your doctor!  

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