Help Desk

A typical call to help desk:

Help Desk Analyst:  "Hello XYZ help desk"
Caller:  "Hi, I was using your product when it blew up" [interrupted]
Analyst: "Ah!  you mean it, exhibited unexperienced execution"
Caller:  "...okay...I was using your product when it exhibited
          unexperience execution."
Analyst: "I'm listening"
Caller:  "Anyway, it must have a bug"
Analyst: "Ah!  you mean, undocumented feature."
Caller:  "Look.  I don't care what you call it, can it be fixed" [cut
          off, again]
Analyst: "Ah!  enhancement request"
Caller:  "Well, it's really messing things up.  I mean, when I'm in
          windows, it causes all sorts of errors, especially General 
          Protection Faults"
Analyst: "Ah ha!  It's obviously a Windows problem.  Goodbye."
Caller:  "But wait!"

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This message was sent on 20 Jul 1996