3 types of watchers

Three types of individual commonly watch indoor games like chess or bridge:
kibbitzers, dibbitzers and tstsibachers. A kibbitzer is a person who tells
the player what to play. A dibbitzer is a rather more timid soul who stands
behind the kibbitzer and tells him what to tell the players. A tstsibacher
is a very rare individual who stands at the edge of a large crowd watching
a game of chess or bridge and for perhaps an hour at a time says nothing.
Yet he knows where every face card is, where every trick is, the potential of
the weakest pawn. Yet he says not a single word. However, every so often,
at the play of a card or move of a piece, he sadly shakes his head and
clicks his tongue "tsitsitsitsi."

Thanks to Mansoor Ally for this contribution.

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