Real Users vs. Real Programmers

Hi there!

Here's the first mailing to the "Technical Humour" list.  As mentioned
before, the mailings may not be too frequent till after mid August.  Any
comments or
suggestions are welcome.  One question though:  how does the signature look
like on your system?  Is the disk recognizable, and is "Technical" readable?
I am sure that everyone on this list has heard about real programmers - a
legendary breed that scoffs at sleep, scorns documentation, and reads object
code with the naked eye (he says whilst rubbing his fingernails on his shirt
in a contemptuous manner at 6:30 am having been up all night doing EOFY
processing). But what of the lesser mortals who must use the programs that
Real Programmers write? These unsung heroes and heroines (cough, cough) have
dedicated their lives to the unswerving opposition of automation.... This,
then, is the specification of a Real User -

Real Users never know what they want, but they always know when your program
doesn't deliver it.

Real Users never use the Help key.

Real Users know your home telephone number.

Real Users find the one combination of bizarre input values that shuts down
the system for days (Normally just after the system has gone live following
extensive testing by the same Real Users)

Real Users are afraid they'll break the machine - but they're never afraid
to break your face.

Real Users hate Real Programmers......

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This message was sent on 4 Jul 1996