The Mac 5 Commandments

1)  Thou shalt use thy mouse for all operations; Use of keyboard requires 
    sophistication beyond that of the average invertebrate.

2)  Thou shalt not network with other computers; or eat pork.  The pig is a 
    filthy animal, hated amongst the beasts.  TCP/IP shall be bolted on to thy 
    kernel as an afterthought...

3)  Thou shalt steal thy user interface from the frisbee-tossers at Xerox/Palo 
    Alto (circa 1972) and claim the invention as thine own, to much industry 

4)  Thou shalt curse the ground upon which Windows NT was born, and rent
    thy clothing in two.  Then, thee shall license it for Power PC platforms 
    under thine own label...

and finally...

5) Thou shalt run thine own company into the ground, and blame the entire
   mess on Microsoft, who writes more Mac software than anyone else!!

Thanks to Michael C. Murray for this contribution.

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This message was sent on 18 Jun 1996