A woman's husband suddenly became violently ill, so she called up Dr. Smith
to come right over.  He arrived with his doctor's satchel and told her to
wait outside the sickroom while he went in and examined her husband.  After
half an hour he rushed out and yelled, "I've got to have a chisel right away."

The wife got frightened and froze, and the doctor shouted again, "If you
can't get me a chisel, get me a hammer or a screwdriver.  Quick!"

She couldn't find anything, so she ran next door to her neightbour's and
returned with a hammer, a chisel, and a screwdriver.

"Here you are, Doctor.  I hope it's nothing serious.  Am I too late?  What's
the matter with my husband?", she said.

"I can't tell you yet," replied the doctor.  "I can't get my satchel open!"

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