The Best Salesman

This man works as a salesman, and every year he goes to the salesman`s
dinner/dance.  At the end of the evening, the award is made to the
salesman-of-the-year.  This year, as for the last three, the award
goes to Brian Smith, who collects the award without giving a speech.
The man waits until after the dinner and then hunts out Brian.

Man:    Hello, you`re Brian Smith aren`t you?
Brian:  Yyyyyyyyyyes, Thhhhhhhhhhaatsss Rrrrrrright!
        (He has a terrible stutter BTW)

At this the man is somewhat taken aback.

Man:    Don`t you find any problems having a stutter like that.
Brian:  Nnnnnnnno, not rrrrrrreally.
Man:    But how do you manage to win the Salesman Of The Year award
        year after year?
Brian:  Wwwwwwwell, I sssssssell books.  I gggggggggggo up to ppppppeople`s
        hhhhhouses and ssssssay:

        "Wwwwwwwwwwould you llllllllike to bbbbbbbbbbbuy my bbbbbbbbbbook,
        or ssssssssssshould I rrrrrrrrread you a bbbbbbbbbbit?"

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