You know you're an online junkie when...

1. You want to get a faster connection to the Internet, but the phone company
   doesn't currently offer anything better than your ISDN line.

2. When describing a scene or dream to someone, you begin spewing forth VRML

3. You always think of your name with a "@" after it.

4. On Super Bowl Sunday, you followed the score by going to the Yahoo main
   page, instead of turning on the TV.

5. You knew the Super Bowl score was on Yahoo Sunday, because you could care
   less about sports, and was busy surfing the web.

6. Your phonebook has more BBS, ISP, and online services numbers in it than
   numbers of real humans.

7. You begin to panic and think something's wrong when you get less than 100
   pieces of mail a day-- on each account.

8. Your MCI circle of friends are all Hayes-compatable.

9. You know the CGI search syntax that Yahoo and Lycos use, so you type your
   search terms directly into the URL, instead of using the search form.

10. You complain to your online service provider that you are not allowed to
    be connected more than 168 hours a week, even though they advertise 
    unlimited connect time.

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This message was sent on 5 Jun 1996