Parking Problems

 There was a guy in a crowded parking lot of a shopping mall,
 walking to his car when he saw a woman (an elderly woman) in a new
 Mercedes, waiting patiently for a parking space. The car which had been
 in the space pulled out and a "young kid" in a Corvette pulled into the
 space in front of her.  She said "Young man, I was waiting for that space
 and I am in a hurry."

 The young man looked at her, patted his car and said, "That's what
 happens when you're young and fast."

 Incensed not only by his action, but by his statement, she backed her car
 up as far as she could for a straight shot and floored it and
 smashed her new Mercedes right into the back of his Corvette.
 Not believing what he just saw she did, he said, "Ma'am, how could you have
 done that?" and she said, " That's what happens when you're old and rich!"

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