Cats and saucers

A famous art collector is crossing a New York street when, in front of a shop,
he sees a shabby cat avidly licking some milk from a small saucer. The man
immediately realizes that the saucer is very ancient and very valuable.
So he steps into the shop with an uninterested look and asks to buy the cat.
But the shop-owner answers, "I'm sorry, but the cat is not for sale."
"Please," says the collector, "I need a ravenous cat around my house to catch
all the mice. I'll give you ten dollars."
"The cat is yours," answers the shop-owner, taking the money.
"Listen," the collector says, "I wonder if for ten dollars you could also
give me that old saucer. The cat seems to like it, and I wouldn't have to
use one of mine."
"I'm sorry, my friend," the shop-owner says. "That little saucer brings me
luck. This week I've already sold 68 cats."

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