Jesus Golfing


Jesus Christ (JC), Moses, and a gnarly old man are playing golf.

JC tees up, and hits the ball. It heads for the water hazard, but
being JC's ball, it hits the top of the water and just rolls along on
top of it, then it lands on the fairway.

Moses tees up next. His ball heads for the water as well, but seeing
as it's his ball, the water parts, it rolls along the bottom of the
hazard and onto the fairway.

The gnarly old man tees up and hits the ball. It hooks immediately
into the trees. Suddenly a squirrel, thinking the golf ball is a large
nut, grabs it up into its mouth and runs onto the fairway. As it runs
across, an eagle swoops down and grabs the squirrel in its beak and
flies away. As the eagle is approaching the green it is struck by a
bolt of lightning and drops the squirrel. When the squirrel hits the
ground, the ball is dislodged from its mouth, and it starts to roll
... directly into the hole.

JC looks at the gnarly old man and says "nice shot, Dad."

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