Rules of thumb

Rules of Thumb

Visiting Theme Parks
People touring the attractions at amusement parks are more likely to
turn to the right. Therefore, the exhibits to the left are less crowded.

Measuring IQ
The more buttons fastened on a person's shirt, the higher their IQ

Finding a Good Lawyer:
The best lawyer is the one who teaches about your problem. Call the nearest
law school and ask who teaches a course in the speciality you need. Then find
out whether he or she practices privately.

Spotting a Good Restaurant:
Don't go to a restaurant that has a sign in the window advertising for
waiters. It's hard enough to get waited on in a restaurant that thinks it
has plenty of help.

Buying a New Car:
The best time to buy a new car is at the end of the month, because the sales
people want their monthly reports to look good.

Checking Your Shock Absorbers:
Bounce your car up and down with your foot. If it keeps bouncing after you've
stopped, you need new shock absorbers.

Meeting a Strange Dog:
Let him sniff the back of your closed hand. Don't show him you're fingers.
They're easier to bite.

Doing Something for Money:
If someone says: "It's not the money, it's the principle", then it's the money.

Walking or Riding:
Walking is faster than waiting for a bus if your going less than a mile.

The Wine-bottle Rule:
There a five glasses of wine in a standard size (750 ml) bottle.

Estimating Foot Size:
The distance from your elbow to your wrist equals your foot size.

Weighty Decision:
A man's waist measurement should not exceed his hip measurement. A woman's
waist measurement should be less than 80 percent of her hip measurement.

Rule of Thumb Rule:
A rule of thumb (including this one) works four out of five times.

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