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Roshan's Humour List
Roshan's Humour List is an E-mail mailing list dedicated to spreading good, clean humour through E-mail.  No matter whether you are 1, 10 or 100 years old, the mail from this list is guaranteed to make you laugh!
Mailing List Info
This page gives some information about the actual list policies, and a bit of history as well!
How to Subscribe
Gives you a few pointers on what to do to get on this funky list. Subscribe, and receive the funniest, cleanest humour on the 'Net. Humour doesn't have to be offensive to be funny!
The Joke Archive
If you want, you can visit the archive to view the past mailings. All the messages sent since May '96 are available. If anyone out there has the humour mailings sent between January and May, please get in touch with me.
The 80's Trivia Quiz
Are you a person of the 80's? Do you belong to Generation X? If so, then check out this quiz...
Tag line collection
Quite a lot of people seem to be interested in the taglines which appear in the mailing signature. This is for all those people (and for the others as well!).
Notable Comments
These are various comments made by the subscribers of the list.
About Me
Some information about myself.
Thank You
Crediting the various people who have helped with the various things involved with the humour list.
Humour Web Links
Here you can find links to other web sites dedicated to humour.
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